Willow Tree PlaySchool was founded in 2016. We hope to educate the whole child through their hands, heart and head.  We strive to create a safe, homelike, loving environment for the child to explore and learn while providing parents with trustworthy child care. We offer ample time and space for the child’s love of play, song, and story. We strive to fill the child with friendship, wonder, beauty, order, healthy food, and  a deeply nourishing rhythm for their days.


An education philosophy  based on the work of Rudolf Steiner. A holistic pedagogy that respects the child's beautiful unfolding and is based in a deep understanding of child development.


An approach developed out of the work of Rudolf Steiner. A Lifeways program is a "home away from home" with life activity as the curriculum. The mixed age class will participate in all the chores and doings of domestic life, while also enjoying the creative arts, relationship with caregivers and classmates and a strong connection to nature and the natural rhythms of our world.

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